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Everyone is on their phone all the time. Don’t miss the opportunity to cash in and get more leads and convert quickly. Provide a great experience, show up where they are, get them to act fast and follow up quickly. Short Codes, SMS, QR Codes, Mobile Apps and more!

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9 Modules

Module 4: Mobile Marketing Mastery

There are tones of ways to get high-quality leads for free and MOBILE MARKETING is one of the most powerful, yet overlooked and underrated. I once got 57 qualified leads in 30 seconds using this method. The MasterClass examines getting unlimited, high-quality leads for FREE using text messaging, mobile marketing, having a mobile optimized website, using QR codes, SMS messages and short-codes. Not to mention mobile ads and mobile apps. All this and more in this Magnificent MasterClass. Get ready to learn, implement, scale and SUCCEED!

Week One 1 Lesson

Week Two 1 Lesson

HOW-TO make your Business Mobile-Friendly

Mappdom will provide you a tutorial on what it means to make your business mobile friendly and how to do it.  Mappdom will provide you with a guide on what it means to have your business mobile-friendly and responsive and how to do it if it’s not. Mappdom will help you get your business’ website that’s now listed on Google to be mobile responsive. We will do part A. You will do part B. 


Use your mobile device whether that be a smartphone or tablet and Google your business. Then click on your company’s website and see if in 3 seconds your website fully loads and fits the screen. Afterward, take this Google mobile-friendly test.

Week Three 1 Lesson

STEPS To Make Your Website Mobile-Friendly

This week where you’ll set up the tools to make your website mobile-friendly.

Week Four 1 Lesson

Mobile Optimized Your Business. Make it Profitable.

This week we’ll be learning to optimize your business for mobile, create a well-planned mobile marketing strategy to use so that your business online platforms take in a lot of income for you.

Week Five 1 Lesson

SMS Marketing

This  week Mappdom will be introducing SMS marketing and how to set up and implement this type of mobile marketing for your business.

Week Six 1 Lesson

What are Short Codes?

This week we’ll be learning all about Short Codes.

Week Seven 1 Lesson

Week Eight 1 Lesson

Mobile ADS

This week is all about Mobile ADS, now let’s see the best tips, practices, design, and tactics for mobile marketing.

Week Nine 1 Lesson

Mobile Apps 101

Let us discuss Mobile APPS. Mappdom will be sharing some Top Tips you can easily incorporate into your Mobile Marketing.