December 16

Lee Grey Trade Unafraid Review


Testing testing

okay, so

let me just go to the email first.

And I'll rerecord this a second time where I actually share my screen. But this will be like the dry run.


I would say

Lee Grey of Trade Unafraid, I am afraid that we will not be able to give you a refund for the following reasons. First of all, you should be aware of the project of the product that you purchased. On our very first meeting, you said you didn't know what you bought, you only came in. During the bonus part. It sounded good, you liked the done for you aspect of it. And you thought that it was a low risk offer. So you jumped in. Now even after that Mike had sent out a replay link. So even though you were only able to catch the ending of the live one, and I know you're on live one, because you were one of the first people to purchase,

you had an opportunity to watch the replay at least two or three times. And those links may even still be in your email today, to catch up and watch what you actually bought. That's the first thing. The second thing is we had a complimentary strategy session with you that I normally charge people $350 For there's very valuable information in that video. And in my second version of this, I will play the video in a clip right here. But um,


So I did the complimentary strategy session for you, which would normally cost $350. But we included it as a part of the Solar System strategy system that you invested in. Right. In that meeting, I gave complete instructions and nuggets on what the program was and how it worked, how it was laid out how the bonuses will be delivered everything. I sent you an email after that saying it was great chatting with you, here is a recording of our strategy session, it's good for one week for you to take to take a look at take notes about I'm sure that you probably did not take the opportunity to do that. After that, I gave everybody the opportunity to actually purchase their strategy session for me so that they could take notes or keep it get a video, a transcript, a written strategy, everything for $97. So something that would normally cost $350 I was given for $97, you still did not take up that opportunity. When I log into the course information, you have never even logged into the course. Right? So for you to write an email, saying that you're not getting the value out of it and you never even logged into the course makes zero sense. How can you ask for a refund for a product that you don't know what it is you bought when you had ample opportunity to learn what it is you bought? And then never log into the program? Fine, whatever.

According to this email sequence here

by the way, just a side note, saying to a person, I don't want this to get ugly, immediately makes it ugly, just so you know.

All right. So anyway, um,

so then there are multiple emails that you have been copied on. Great speaking with you today.

I have a surprise for everybody. Let me just check out what this email is about. tiny letters. So, I think yep. I was offering you guys

a discount on Mappdom magazine.

That was on July the fourth and then everybody got another one with the recordings

as well as the different steps in the solar system with the magazine. So you've got that. Right. So you always had an opportunity to look at the recordings in our eyes.

actually first strategy session, I did let you know that it's important for you to show up on the Thursdays because you can ask questions and we can work directly on your campaign. You never showed up to one single meeting, maybe one. That's it. And then there was no communication from you at all whatsoever.

There we go. And then on July the 20th, I send another email saying, hey, look, we are deleting your files. So if you want to get your strategy session, now is the time to get it. Crickets. Okay.

So you go back here, no, back, back, back, back back.

Okay, important. Oh, come on. May not mix this up here.

Come on.

Doo doo doo doo doo.

Lee Grey Trade Unafraid

Lee Grey Trade Unafraid Review Refund Request yet never logged into class

Oh, yeah. So this is just me at Anik Singal's singles event, and letting you guys know how to do a strategic marketing plan and some other things that you can look at. So yeah, you're on all of these emails.

What else do we have here? Happy Wednesday message for you. tomorrow's class. We're wrapping up mobile marketing. Okay. So again, still keeping you in the loop, even though you never show up to class.

All right, important announcements plus video recording yesterday's masterclass, rocked here's what you missed announcements and replays. So there you go. Got lots of information, talking about QR codes, all this free information that you did not even pay for.

That you have access and recordings to. All right, great.

Another replay summary of email links, okay, a replay of the masterclass.

You can access your YouTube banners here. And they're all in your folder I gave you guys links to your student folder where the bonuses were starting to be delivered.


You perhaps didn't pay any attention to that email.

Then on August 31, so about two months into the program. So that's eight weeks of masterclasses go by you send a message to me on August the 27th. August the 27th.

Hi, Nakimbe - Lee Grey Trade Unafraid says you're probably stunned to hear for me. I've been really busy trying to get trade on afraid, marketing sorted out. This is not my strength. So then why wouldn't you leave it to the experts. But anyway, this is not my strength. And it's been an ongoing, ongoing frustration and disappointment. Got it? I've been working on creating a challenge to get the people to give it a try. I've hired an agency to put a better website together. Got it. I also have a number of videos to make not my comfort zone. Okay, well, that's what we do for you in the solar system, we actually did 30 videos for you that are designed to get you the leads, they're in your folder and you never uploaded a single one of them. And then you're upset that you're not getting the results that you want. And then you want to ask for a refund when I believe that I have gone above and beyond.


Lee Grey Trade Unafraid Admits his a poor student

I also have a number of videos to make not my comfort zone. No problem. We'll make them for you for the challenge, which made me think of you and then I saw you briefly it completely out. Yeah, yeah. Okay, great. I feel like it's time to reconnect. And I don't know if you remember this, but when I first here we go. Again, this is the third time you're saying but when I first purchased and saw the group digital webinar, I was in another meeting at the same time and not able to listen to your presentation only watch it. So I find myself in this strange position of still not understanding what I bought. Do you have a brief synopsis of what I bought or what the end result should be for trade unafraid? I think the idea of free traffic. I think the idea is free traffic through video content, but how is that done? How do you provide that and make it happen? I'm sorry to be an annoying customer who needs special attention so you admit that you're getting and require special attention which you got.

I'm doing the best I can but the amount on my plate is overwhelming. I need to be very selective and only invest time on things that move the needle completely make sense. All right, didn't see the email and then it's like Heineken may have been a terrible participants. So

I deserve not to hear back from you. So you know this, but now you still want a refund.

But just in case you're not punishing me, I want to make sure that you saw this.

All right, there we go.

August the 31st. So then I don't know when I responded to, but I'm like, hey, you know what, let's meet on Monday, I'll be home. It's Labor Day. And I'm with my family. But I'll take time to speak with you and explain the program one more time, as well as accelerate your video production. That was what our meeting was about.

Right, and then I offered the second meeting that we had on like, Hey, if you want to have both of these strategy sessions that I had for you, instead of paying, you know, 97 each, you can have them both for 147. But you also did not decide to go for that. So we had multiple opportunities to find out how to make this program work and maximize it. And you chose not to look at one single thing but interrupt my life, and asked me to help you, and then turn around and ask for a refund. And tell me that you don't want things to get ugly. So let me let you know that I don't know how ugly you think things can get the worst that you can do is do a clawback or go to your credit card processing company and have them refund your money. The worst that I can do is make sure that your business never gets found online.

I'm an award winning Digital Marketer. I'm an SEO master.

So the worst that can happen to you is much worse than the worst that can happen to me. Just so we're clear on that. When you say you don't want things to get ugly. Trust me you don't want things to get ugly. You don't want me to  "Valerie your ass" as I like to tell people but I'm trying to keep this polite. You don't want me to Valerie your ass. And if you don't know what that's about, look online or ask somebody!


okay, here we go. Great content such as together, you might be surprised. Yeah, I think I had told you that. I think I had mentioned that the content when you're describing your business, and both of the strategy sessions, there are so much golden content, Justin, those things that you could have marketed and used to, like I said, short form videos, but you didn't even bother to watch the presentation, short form videos getting all the virality and attention. And they drive traffic to your longer form more informative videos, where people get to know you better, and then decide and choose to want to buy from you.

But you didn't know that because you didn't even log in once Lee Grey of Trade Unafraid. Didn't come to a mastermind didn't ask, didn't send an email, except when you were in a big panic. And then I had to drop everything to attend to you, and you want to refund Lee gray of trade, I'm afraid I'm afraid that's not going to happen on my end, do the work. And if you don't want to do the work, and you still want to get the results, and you still want to refund, you're going to have to go to your credit card company and fight me on it. They're going to open up a dispute. And I'm going to show them all of this evidence and let them decide if you deserve a refund or not. So don't tell me you don't want things to get ugly because again, I'm not sure you understand how ugly I can make things.

I'm an award winning digital marketer for a reason.

I've helped three companies within five years got acquired for $3.85 billion for a reason. And even if you want to shit talk me online, I have case studies and students and successful entrepreneurs that have actually done the work and gotten the results all you will end up doing is embarrassing yourself.

So no, I am not initiating a refund. Do the work

all right, what else have we got here? Let me see here.

Doo doo doo doo doo Oh, right. And then I was saying hey, look, you know what you've got a really good business idea here. I could completely market this for you and you know, take you and your income where you want to go. This is my price level blah, blah, blah.

up, and then we had a meeting about it.

You said you weren't quite ready to do a partnership like that. But you did feel that you would need to outsource your stuff. You also asked me, Hey, where are these?

I've been expecting several deliverables from you that have not been shown up, what's the status there? Again, had you attended one of the classes, or watched the recordings you would know or read one of the emails, you would know when we send out communication for you to look in your folder and access your assets. Don't come to me and tell me you're not successful in a program that you put like zero effort into No, Lee gray of trade and afraid I'm afraid I will not be initiating a refund.

Okay, here we go.

Another recording, here you go. Here's another recording from our class another x another opportunity to access our magazine. Here is how you do. Here's how you do a social media posting calendar for the month, which we actually give you, but I'm gonna get to that in a minute.

Yeah, but nothing from you.

Then, let's see, classes canceled. That was November 2. And then I have an email here, Thursday, September the 28th. It says great chatting with you yesterday at least. So this is the third one to third personalized phone call and conversation that you've had with me already amounting to $1,000 for this customized personalized one on one service, great chatting with you yesterday, how you doing? Here's the link to sign up for our social media page. So you were so happy and wonderful and excited about us that you were actually going to hire us.

Unfortunately, you didn't get some contract, which I imagine would have changed your financial projections, and made you want to pull back on your original offer. But you were quite happy when you thought money was coming in for Mappdom and myself to handle it. So I'm not sure if you're in a financial pinch now, which is why you suddenly want this refund. That is not my problem. I have gone above and beyond and extended an extreme amount of service and value. And so for you to turn around and want to blame me Mappdom, or the solar system for your lack of results is utterly ridiculous. And I will comprise a very

good case, to take it to pay pal or anybody if they want to open up a dispute and challenge it.

And I'll also take it to a vote to the people online and say hey, do you think that this person deserves a refund or not? Because that would be great marketing and virality. For me, I keep telling you videos, everything, make a quick video, use the different software interactions like they like you to do polls and ask questions. So it will give me an opportunity to use these features and the platforms will be happy about that. So they'll push my content even more.

It creates curiosity is something that entrepreneurs can connect to. So it's actually a really, really good opportunity for me.

All right, and then then look at this.

Then, I'm sorry to say you have the nerve, the nerve. Okay. You have the nerve to say hey, Waseem, Nakimbe, I forgot to follow up with my marketing challenge assets. You can see the landing page here and the thank you page here. These are all things that you paid groov digital to $3,000 a month so you have paid another marketing agency to do work for you but you want us to take our time to for free to review your content and to help you at no cost and then still turn around and ask for a refund is crazy. ridiculous to me. I would love to know how you can justify this request


Okay, so here we go. Other assets that are in the folders. Here's my challenge social media graphics.

Challenge Facebook posts.

Three, here are the emails. Yeah, I would love your feedback just for free because you're not doing anything for anybody else. Are you crazy?


anyhow, then we're seeing lets you know that all of your assets are in a folder.

All of your assets in a room in a folder.

Oh, I forgot to include a link to my homepage. Uh huh. Your feedback on everything I've sent it. So welcome. What? And then you want to ask for a refund. This is insane.


And then the kicker? Here you go.


where is it?

Yeah, if you don't know now, you know?

Yeah, no, that's not what I'm looking for.

am looking for essentially again

data in our data


September 28,

Lee grey trade unafraid review - refund request denied

Okay, here we go. I just learned yesterday that my consulting has, at least for now dried up completely. I have no income at all, as of today until a new gig comes up. So I find myself in a serious predicament that you now want to make my predicament.

Okay, Trade Unafraid could be a way out. I gave you a way out. You didn't take it. Listen, learn nothing. But I have to do it smart. At the moment. My biggest issue is not traffic, but conversion. Okay. So I need to continue to work with groov agency to get the website done. Okay, then I can start to focus on driving traffic.


But I need to know that traffic will become customers. There's no guarantee of this. There's so many aspects and factors that play into this. Where do people think they're getting guarantees in marketing from?

Anyway, I just wanted to Now's not the time to commit, I get it. Oh, maybe soon. So you're still thinking about doing business with us in the future. But somehow now you want to refund? No incomes coming in? I get it.

Wow, look at this.

So September, the 29th is now when you decide can you point me to where in the course or elsewhere I can learn how to put the videos or assets your team created. To use, just upload them pay attention to the bonuses, we give you the video titles that are already keyword

emphasized. All you have to do is post the videos that we gave you and put the titles that we gave you. That's it.

That's it. You don't have to do anything else.

Post the can videos, post fucking videos. Don't ask me for a refund.

This is crazy.

Look at this shit. We're more than happy and delighted to work with you whenever you're ready. Whatever we want to you video, we reduce it elements, social media platforms, I tell you what you want. What you want to do with the videos we've produced for you is upload them to all of your social media platforms. Try adding trending sounds for greater, greater reach and virality. And make sure you have lead gen links everywhere, which you don't have, you have links to your website, which again, if you would watch one of my recordings, you would know we tell people don't send people to a site that they're going to get lost where they can go everywhere.

Send them to one site, a landing page with one point to collect their information. That's it, then you can follow up with them and send them to your site and try to get them to convert, but you don't know what you're doing. You've admitted you've been trying to do this for 20 years. I'm an award winning, strategic corporate chief marketing officer with my Masters of Business Administration and marketing innovation and entrepreneurship and you still don't want to listen. And when it doesn't work, you want to blame me and ask me for- Lee Grey of Trade Unafraid

A refund I refuse I refuse

Okay, make sure you have lead gen lead gen links everywhere also posted videos to YouTube channel as shorts you did not do this

add one compelling video titles like we did for you add voice over some places sometimes if possible look at this I'm telling you exactly what to do here


oh boy

Lee grey trade unafraid student review student folder

look at this no complaints with the group job just they did a great job What the hell

look at this look at you again What nerve I spent all day and night creating this. I'm sure it doesn't live up to your standards, but the content ought to appeal to my target if I can find them. You can't even find them because you can't attract them because you're not putting up videos with the right friggin titles, which we're going to look at and get into in a moment.

You use one of our thumbnails so you did use some of our bonuses that we delivered any feedback or recommendations again asking for personalized attention on our personal time which you don't frickin pay for. But you want to refund


look at this shit.

The sound is clear I just add captions it also helps extend your reach and SEO a free advice. So that's why one bad apple rule one bad apple ruins the bunch. Nobody's getting nothing for me moving forward and 2024 Unless people pay because this is crazy people didn't show up for class people said in class that they're going to email me to set up an appointment to discuss there and didn't do it.

I'm like this is crazy.

Now look at this shit. Look at this shit.

Two months later.

Look at this. Look what I asked for now this is gonna get interesting.

When you have a moment, can I get a video testimonial from you about the support and the materials we've provided so far, we'd like to use them in a promo. I think that's completely fair. Now look at this shit.

I hate to do this because you're so nice and generous with me. Oh, so you understand that I've been nice and generous with you. But you have to request the refund. You're getting no traction. Why the not because you're not doing what you're supposed to do. What I advise you to do what the course that you paid for tells you to do? Is that why you're not getting traction?

Your channels not growing, your videos get hardly viewed because you have shit videos. And shorts are the shit right now, as I said in the presentation that you didn't bother to watch. shorts are the shit.

And I'm too busy to try to become a video creation machine. This is the line that just gets me so upset. And if you think I've been cussing so far, I want to cuss so badly right here, but I'm going to keep this at least a little bit respectful. I'm too busy to become a video creation machine. You don't have to create one goddamn single can video because we goddamn did it for you.

We did it for you!

We did it for you!

Oh, you think I agree with because you're they're not working for you because you're not working it. That's why it's not working for you. This is ridiculous. You hope there are no hard feelings. Okay.

So I'm like, Look, this is your original order page. This is our refund. Once all of those conditions are met. Yeah, you can get your money back. No problem. Take care.

Now that that this is how you want to start an email to me, I don't want things to get ugly between us. But I think we're both nice, decent professional people. But I have to point out the terms you cite on the order page. When I made the purchase. I always take screenshots, guarantees, etc. No mention of qualifications, or anything, just the icons when I looked at the register the new screenshot

Okay, so that's fine. But I'm also going to show you the transcript of the actual presentation where I stayed in the presentation then again, you didn't bother to watch I tell you in the presentation, this is risk free. You have up to you have one year if after one year you don't get your money back or the results that we promised will give you the money back. It's not like oh let me not do any work and then three months later get my money work back. That's not how it works.

I want to say something so mean right now.

Now look at this crap. Admittedly, I have not dedicated myself to this purchase and I know you did some extra work on my behalf. I'm pulled in so many ways.

I'm overwhelmed. I'd like to get either a refund as I understood no strings attached, or understand how to make my money back do the fucking work. Do the fucking work. That's how you make your money back do the fucking work and sell like three of your fucking programs.

So far I've not gotten value out of the purchase because you haven't used it and you haven't even logged in and you haven't even accessed your videos and you haven't even posted a new video so this is the most ridiculous thing I've ever seen.

Oh again, I'm in a large part to blame so you know you're largely to blame but you still want a refund for me.

You know not sure what you're missing what you're missing is doing the goddamn work. That's what you're missing.

You've made some videos crap. Use your covers. Great.


Oh my god, your channel traffic and your views have remained quite low

Oh, you're such a jerk. I can't just give a testimonial without something. Say I hope you understand. Yeah, I understand this from the perspective of maybe not having quantitative things to say like you haven't generated leads or anything like that. But you could god damn well say a testimonial about the quality of the work that we provide it the support and the availability and how available how available we've made ourselves the hand holding the customization the personalization of the strategy, you cannot MFN get that else anywhere else. Especially for free.

So this is just like crazy to me. All right. So now

let's go into this part of it. I do believe that this might be

soon portfolio. Okay, so again, no one's watching your videos because you're posting shit long videos with crap titles when we give you the title. So first of all, you have 30 video titles and hashtags that you can use. You didn't use any hashtags in the videos and we're gonna look at your YouTube channel in a second

look at this, we give you the right video titles day trading for beginners how to start day trading day trading crypto, that's probably not right. But you can pick and choose what you want. But these are based on keywords that people are looking for that are going that would be interested in your software or platform you're using trade unafraid and your titles like your some big brand like your Apple or Sony or McDonald's nobody knows you

we give you the titles to put in your videos, but you didn't do that. And you literally put up two friggin videos. You're supposed to put up one video a day for 30 days. That's why we give you 30 videos, you put up two videos, and oh my god, I'm not getting any traction. I use your thumbnail and not getting any traction you put up too fucking bad long videos with shit titles despite everything we told you. That's not my fucking fault Lee Grey of Trade Unafraid

God I'm gonna have to sanitize this video so much.

Okay, and then we'll give you even more titles we went above and beyond for you. We have other students that were actually poking around in your folder, and getting all jealous that they didn't get their bonuses as quickly as you got yours. What you guys are acting like children.

Anyway, here are some really good hooks again, you're not taking any of the advice. So take the advice and be patient and let it work for you. But you're not taking any of the advice. So just continue to do what you want to do and struggle for another 20 years like the previous 20 years that you've struggled trying to get here and still have gotten nowhere. Keep doing what you're doing. And I said in the presentation.

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and getting expecting different results. So we give you 30 Are these three titles over the hooks? No, I think this is not I think that these are hooks. I don't think these are titles. Okay. These are hooks. So unlock unlock unlock the trading secret that take less than five minutes to implement. It's like curiosity. You won't believe the results. What is this? Let me watch the whole entire video. Write something quick that teases them that directs them and point them points them in the direction of your longer form. longer form videos, X reasons why algorithm. algorithmic trading is the lifeblood of what you know like oh curiosity, something you didn't know about algorithmic training, simple yet crucial tip to boost. So we give you the hooks to put at the beginning of 30 videos, right in the course that you haven't bothered to open. We tell you what to say you

If you're doing a three minute video how to have a hook was to say in the middle, the call to action, we tell you everything to do you have chosen not to do it and you're asking me for a refund is completely ridiculous.

And sending me an email saying that you start off an email telling me you don't want things to get ugly. From the moment you told me that things got ugly, my friend, things got ugly

after I've been so kind to you.

So that's why

I'm going after a different crowd.

Here's the thing,

going after a different crowd, entrepreneurs that already have a certain level of success and you know, not going to come to me with this. blame other people for your failures bullshit.

Okay, so this should say, whatever we gave you the thumbnails.

And again, like, I'm so pissed about it, because again, if you've watched the videos, you know that these are not just ordinary thumbnails, they have depth and perception to them. Like, from a, from a graphic design perspective, they're very high level sophisticated thumbnails, and they all have faces on them, which means you're going to have a higher click through rate than if you didn't have faces on them. All this stuff that you don't even know that we gave you and implemented into your program, all these deliverables that you still have the availability to use, and you want to tell me that you want to refund

what I like to do what I do, because I don't like to waste my time, and I like to recoup my investment is I will go and sell this to a competitor.

If you go on my social media, you'll see right now that we're offering an immigration package to other immigration consultants, because one of our previous clients has changed their business model, and no longer needs the marketing assets. And so I just sell those marketing assets to one of her former competitors and say, Hey, you want blogs, you want newsletters, you want landing pages that have already proven to convert, you want to get ahead of your competition, she paid $7500 per package, I'll give it to you for $1500. If this goes to waste, that's the exact same thing we'll do, we'll look for another trader, another person who's you know, has some kind of platform is looking for some marketing assistance and say, Hey, we created all of these assets for somebody who didn't take advantage of them, doesn't want them wants a refund, and we need to recoup our investment, I'm happy to give it to you for like 50% off of the original value, and take them and kick ass and go and win in the marketplace and just let this person continue to try to figure it out on their own.

So so we give you the thumbnails, I also did some extra stuff, right? So I don't know what these extras are. But you've been looking at some extra work that we did for you. But I also did competitors thumbnails so that we can compare, you know, your thumbnails to theirs and make sure that you are competitive. And we've given you 1000 keywords for you to use in your blogs. And yeah, basically your blogs to help your website rank with SEO, with fresh content all the time. So you'll know what words to use in. I think, in this it also gives you

competition and bidding prices on particular keywords, you'll know which keywords are really good and really effective. So this is,

again, high level corporate stuff that I really gave us bonuses to get people to buy the program, but it's ended up costing me more.

Which was initially fine, because it was really all about customer acquisition, and then the long term value of the client, but there's no long term value and

there's no long term value, lifetime value and a lot of these clients and students that have come into the program in the last cohort. And

I think that's because I didn't have proper vetting and I run into bullshit situations like this where people that don't want to do the work, just want their money back when things get tight and that is not fair to me. So no, I'm not initiating a refund, you can ask for a refund, they will open a dispute and I will give them all this evidence. You can give them all your evidence and then let them decide.

And it will be

a very public


And then lastly, we gave the video


are you to cover is also better than your last few to cover which didn't have any call to action on it or any on any sense of what it was just a trade unafraid. We are specific targeted, like it's just again, a highly sophisticated

YouTube Cover banner

that you don't appreciate.

So these are blank videos that you can use to, like I said, do voiceovers with some of the scripts or some of the opening hooks that we gave you.

We've got

and here we have the different videos with

the different backgrounds.

And we even gave you branded videos. And we came up with so many different topics like Do you even know that this is here? Do you even know the goldmine that we provided but you want a refund? This is so ridiculous to me.

Look at this trading doesn't have it your business is called trade on afraid right? Trading doesn't have to be scary or time consuming learn to tread on afraid with all the upside of the downside. What again, you don't even understand is beautiful about this. It's for seven seconds long. So it's going to loop because people won't have time to read everything in seven seconds. So the fact that it loops means that it has increased watch time, which is better for the algorithms like well, people actually watch 110% of this video. Unlike some people that might have a video that's a minute long, people only watch the first 20 seconds. And the algorithms are like yeah, people don't like this video, we're not going to push it very much, because people only watch about 20% of it. Whereas yours they're not only watching 100%, they're watching more than 100%. So these are all strategies, high level sophisticated corporate successful strategies, again, me working with the top level internet marketers on the planet, infusing that into your bonuses and you want to refund and you didn't do the work like I mean,

respectfully eff off, eff off.

So yeah, the ultimate algorithmic and we have algorithmic algorithmic trading platform in here on purpose again, for SEO purposes.

And captions. So do we have another video to go to? Yeah, let's see. So we've got this background, we I think we also gave you like several different backgrounds.

Come on what's next.

So you have 30 videos, all you had to do and have to do is put the right titles and put one short video a day on each of the different platforms. This could go on your Twitter, because that's where you're getting people from. But like, it's unbelievable that you'd be so rude as to ask me for a refund. And in such a rude way after not doing your work. Training doesn't have to be scary to me. Oh, yeah. So this is just a happy person. So again, it's a different look. So you can do testing, right? There's a free, we let people know there's a free five day challenge where they could try it for free. This is an incentive. It's the call to action. It's all best practices woven into your videos that you have not even taken advantage of. But you want to refund. Yeah, okay.

I want to say kiss my ass all day long, like all day long kiss my ass.

Like, because you're having financial struggles and a burden, because money's not coming in. You want to take money out of my pocket?

Is that fair? That's ridiculous. Everyone's having the same struggles. And I think it's disgusting. Honestly, that you would ask.

Anyway, training doesn't have to be so here's another. Here's another background image. There's some your branding or logos on there, again, for branding, you know, make you look very credible and professional in the marketplace.

And then this is a scary one right? Again, for testing to see which styles of videos work better. So shading doesn't have to be scary or time consuming Learn to trade on afraid with all the upsides and few downsides.

And then we wanted something joyous because we actually did some

focus groups for you. I want to say fuck off, but we also did some focus groups for you. And some of the feedback was like okay, I get to trade on afraid. But some of the images were a little bit sad all the time. Like, I'm expecting if I'm trading investing, that I'm making money, I'm happy and I'm spending time with my children. I'd like to see some videos of some happy people like that's some great fucking feedback. And then we did this and we let people write it right away. Just so you know some of the strategy Mister, I want my refund. We actually have the price here for your free chat.

plunge, so people know what they're getting into. So that way you get to weed out the wrong buyers, which is what I should have done. But

yeah, it will help you like people that can't afford it, they're not even going to apply. So you're automatically getting the right type of buyer clientele. Right again, sell three of these, you make back the money in this program, if you can't sell three of these by doing this correctly. And by the way, conversion is more than just getting traffic, you have to follow up with people, you have to do your emails, sometimes you might have to have a sales team or you might have to have people for a call. So please don't put your entire business and future. On my shoulders. There are very many steps involved in becoming successful online. And buying one program that you never log into is not the way to do it.

Here's one about money. Trading doesn't have to be scary or time consuming.

Again, it's going to be too short to read in nine seconds so it will loop

Oh boy.

Yeah, trade out afraid plants surgical precision for a suite of configurable components that you snap together and manage your trades precisely.

That is high level language. It looks like they're obviously for that video. It looks like they're trying to appeal to someone who understands that language.

Yeah, and then I think they just repeat themselves.

So those are the videos that have been available to you for a long time again, here's another image of some people tweeting doesn't have to be scary or time consuming. So we talked about the benefits. That's another strategy. We're letting them know. It's all upside and no, oh, we say that you have the upside and few downsides, right? Trading doesn't have to be scary or time consuming.

Actually, them having said something about profit would be good. But we didn't think about that. And we're not doing it. But trading doesn't have to be scary or time consuming can be profitable if you know what you're doing there to trade on afraid.

That might be too many words, but something about them making profit

would be helpful. But yeah, anyway, so that is the end of my presentation. And so like I told you, video is everything today, people consume video. This is a video that you are going to watch, I am probably going to cut this up into little pieces. And

gosh, where's the screen? We're going to cut it up into little pieces. And post the strategy and different session sections. drive some traffic. For myself, get some feedback from people see what they think. Let people weigh in that way. I'm also getting some


Yeah, but I will take this video. Well, yeah, I will take this video when it's finished. I will upload it to YouTube. I will have it transcribed. I will put it into chat GBT. And I will say chat GPT based on all of this information, if somebody were to put in a refund request to PayPal, and PayPal opened up a dispute, and these are all my points.

of objection, Could you kindly write me a, you know, a good case to present to PayPal as to why this person doesn't deserve a refund and this is the content that I will be using to write that letter to PayPal or any credit card processing company that you use that gives you back your money and does a clawback or drawback on me. And then there are other legal steps that Mappdom would take should it get that far.

That's it. Thank you, Lee Grey
Trade Unafraid Review of Refund Request.


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