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Introducing The "S.O.LD" System - Strategic Organic Leads on Demand that generates free traffic and leads on autopilot, grows your business by 100-500% as little as 100 days, grows revenues by $28,659.97 in just 120 hours and doubles your income in just 12 months - all without spending a dime on advertising... EVER! 


 Dear Friend,

I hope you're doing awesome. So, you ever find yourself scratching your head, thinking, "Man, how the heck do I get some quality lеads?" I mean, who hasn't, right? We all dream of that day when we're living the good life, but it's like trying to get there without a roadmap sometimes.

You know you need more moolah, better cash flow, and a bunch of eager customers beating down your door to experience your services or products. But how in the world do you reach those ever-elusive high-quality leads? It's like trying to find a unicorn in your backyard! (and how often does that happen...right?) You're tired of buying stuff that collects dust or dealing with meaningless email spam from random marketers, and how many of them really, truly are?

What about this instead?????

Imagine having your own Chief Marketing Officer (but waaaaay cheaper) showing you the ropes on how lead generation really works behind the scenes. Someone with the whole corporate background, 25 years' senior level leadership experience in both the public and private sector - not to mention the former President of a nationally renowned non-profit. I'm talking Master's degree in marketing, innovation and entrepreneurship, with enough direct response experience to make your head spin!  Picture them handing you their secret proprietary system that doesn't cost a thing, that's worked to make corporations BILLIONS – and the best part?  She gives it to YOU, for FREE - and it doesn't cost you a dime!

Yеah, you heard me right! No more blowing your budget on ads that give you crickets in return. No more empty bank accounts or sparsely-filled booking calendars. You could be lounging in the sun, sipping margaritas, and still see your pipeline bursting with not only income potential, but actual profits! Thе kind of profits that let you kick back and relax, and truly enjoy life (the way it was meant to be enjoyed).

And what if you could make this happen regardless of your experience, age, or how jam-packed your schedule is? Sounds too good to be true, right? Well, my friend, that's where the "S.O.L.D" Organic Lead-Generation System comes in.

Trust me, you're in the right place at the right time. You may not realize it, but you didn't stumble on to this page by accident. You're here because deep down, you know you're meant for bigger things, but you don't have everything you need to succeed.  Well, the reason you're here is because you don't have to suffer, and you don't have to struggle.   You just need a little support and a killer lead-generation system.

There's a groundbreaking, revolutionary  lead-gen strategy everyone's raving about. Up until now, lead-gen has been a bit of a hot mess, all over the place. Wouldn't you agree? But we're here to change that! And guess what? We're giving it away – yes, for free!

I've been through the grind too, my friend. Your struggle is my struggle. If you're like my friends and family who are entrepreneurs at heart - but don't know a thing about business or marketing, this is the perfect system for you to succeed. Best of all it won't cost you a penny.

Seriously, some of my pals have been stuck in neutral for years, spinning their wheels, going nowhere fast, and that's because they have no strategy. No one ever gave them a step-by-step system and strategy to follow. Nothing like that was or is available on line in one central, login anytime place.  And that's why I created The S.O.L.D System. And guess what?????  Wanna know what made the difference for them and me? It was having a system to follow – this exact system - The "S.O.L.D" System. Strategic Organic Leads on Demand. That's what brought me and continues to bring me free traffic and leads, helped me to make over $28,696.97 in five days and it's why I'm here sharing this information with you today.

Want to learn more and take a deeper dive into the "S.O.L.D" System and grab some cool free resources while you're at it that can help you along your lead-gen journey? Well wer're here to help. We're talking workbooks, templates, downloads, free strategy calls, checklists, and more – all for FREE! Check it out bеlow! 🚀

Cheers to you and getting those quality leads in without breaking the bank...ever,  my friend!

Catch up to you later.

Talk soon!
~ Nakimbe. 

Nakimbe Hanging With The Legends....

Mike Filsaime and Nakimbe Baobab

STOP Everything You're Doing, My Friend. There's a New Strategic and Structured Way To Generate High Quality Leads, for FREE!

"S.O.L.D" Strategic Organic Leads on Demand

Whether you're new to business, or a seasoned expert - anyone can use this simple, strategic lead-generation system that attracts great quality leads quickly, without spending a bunch of money on ads. Don't pay for leads until you have to. Learn what words organically first, then invest money on paid ads confidently!


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How To Get Quality Leads Using The "S.O.L.D" Lead Generation System.

Here's the deal—statistics show that 50% of marketers see lead generation as a top priority. They spend nearly half their budget on traffic and leads. Yet, for 68% of marketers, finding leads is their biggest challenge. That’s a major issue.

Percentage of budget businesses allocated to lead generation: 
Percentage of budget businesses report they struggle with lead generation:  
Percentage of businesses report lead generation is their #1 priority -->

Common Challenges to Lead-Gen Success

People struggle with lead generation for several reasons namely - lack of strategy, using too few channels, inconsistent and superficial marketing, working in segregated silos, rushing into paid ads, not following best practices, and not having a sustainable or consistent lead generation systems in place.

No Strategy or Structure

When your lead generation is scattered and disjointed, it isn’t in sync or working together well. This lack of structure can make getting leads much more difficult than it should be.

No Sustainable Systems

Marketing in limited places and on few channels, overlooking best practices, and lacking a sustainable lead generation system all play a part in lead-gen failure.

No Synergy or Marketing Momentum Before Paid Ads

Sometimes when you’re eager for money, customers, clients, or cash, it's tempting to jump into paid ads. You need a large number of leads and you need them quickly! However, without first testing what does and does not work organically, the quality of your leads may be poor, leading to potential lead gen difficulties and paid ad problems.

Happy SOLD System lead generation student Mappdom

As a fellow digital marketer, I understand the commitment necessary to give value. Nakimbe has gone above and beyond.

Paul Kohn

Employee Retention Tax Credit Specialist

"If I could take every penny I invested in any other program and invest it in the "S.O.L.D" lead-gen system...I would! "

cindy sawras

Bye Bye Money Mess, financial consultant, 


"We were struggling without a strategy before we were introduced to the "S.O.L.D" Lead-Gen System, but now we're getting calls every day!"

tristan Kerr


Nice To Have Some Direction and Not Figure It Out On My Own

I wanted to diversity my lead sources and not put all my eggs in one basket. I also like to learn about cutting edge marketing strategies from leaders. I have never been so excited to have a professional help me start generating more leads. Nakimbe's "S.O.L.D" System is amazing!"

SERGIO NAVARO  //  Debt Reduction and Refinancing Specialist

The "S.O.L.D" System: Your Simplified Path To Lead-Generation Success

The "S.O.L.D" System stands for 'Strategy Organic Leads On Demand.' It's a step-by-step guide that helps businesses start with the basics of getting leads and then move on to more advanced strategies. This way, businesses can always get the leads they need without wasting time or money. It's like a roadmap that makes marketing easier to understand and follow.

Strategic Organic Leads on Demand

Terri Liggins Ghost Writer SOLD lead generation student Mappdom

 I Appreciate The Structure and The Strategy

I have waited a long time to work with (someone like) Nakimbe. I appreciate the time she takes to explain every step of the system in way that's simple and makes sense. I feel organized an structured.  I'm hopeful about my future and getting my course off the ground. 

TERRI LIGGINS  //  Ghost Writer and Book-Writing Coach

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