The "S.O.L.D" Lead Generation System Video Marketing Mastery  Accelerator Program

Comes with a Weekly Mastermind, Program Lessons, Personalized Mentorship and One-on-One Coaching  

Includes 12 FREE Power-Packed Lead-Gen Bonuses!

Unlock the full potential of generating high-quality leads for free using simple, but powerful video marketing techniques (where you never have to show your face if you don't want to). From content creation to video optimization, production, execution and distribution (all from your phone) to getting your videos rank or go viral; maybe you just want to get more views. Whatever your reason The "S.O.L.D" System VMMLG Accelerator program has got you covered.

Choose from one of three options to elevate your lead-gen game, today. Select our:
1. "Do-it-Yourself" Warrior Self-Study Solution (Click here to buy now)

2. "Done-for-You" Sit Back, Relax and Put Your Feet Up plus 12 FREE Lead-Gen Bonuses We've Got You Solution. (Click here to buy now)

3. "Rev-Up-You Artificial Intelligence Integration" Where You Speed Up Your Video Production and Distribution Solution. (Click here to buy now)

"S.O.L.D" stands for Strategic Organic Leads on Demand. The first step in the system is video marketing because it is the quickest, easiest, and fastest way to generate free quality leads. From creating simple videos in no time to optimizing them, getting them to rank, and distributing them with the chance to go viral – this end-to-end Masterclass has you covered. PLUS, we offer an awesome Fast Start "Springboard Your Way To Success" Done-For-You Solution Included. Don't Miss Out!

The "S.O.L.D" Lead Generation System That Could Generate up to $25k and Gets You FREE Traffic and Leads on Autopilot (Without Murdering Your Budget, and Spending Little to Zero Dollars on Advertising.... EVER!) 

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Get $14,663 in FREE Bonuses. Sign Up Now!

Join Thousands of Successful Students World Wide!

What "S.O.L.D" System Students Say

Paul Kohn

Employee Tax Rebate Specialist

"As a fellow course creator and Internet Marketer I understand the commitment necessary to give value to your students. Nakimbe goes above and beyond."

Happy SOLD System  lead generation student Mappdom

Cindy Sawras

CEO of Bye-Bye Money Mess,

Financial Money Manager

"If I could take every penny I invested in any other program and invest it in the "S.O.L.D" lead-gen system...I would! "

They Say

Terri Liggins Ghost Writer SOLD lead generation student Mappdom

"I have been hoping to  work with Nakimbe for a long time. Now is my time to shine. I'm excited !"

Terri Liggins - Ghost Writer, Author, Publisher, Speaker (Las Vegas, NV)

Shawn Kelly Successful SOLD System Student Mappdom Lead Generation System

"I enjoyed my first Strategy Call with Nakimbe. I was so impressed with both her knowledge and her communication style."

Shawn Kelly - Internet Marketer

Dale Schroder Psychotherapist SOLD lead generation student Mappdom

"I cannot remember the last time I got off of a call with a coach or guru that was so a pleasant and informative."

Dale Schroder - Counsellor and  Psychotherapist

What "S.O.L.D" System Students Say

Theresa Barbero

Crypto Currency Consultant

"Thank you so much!  I truly appreciate your time and help! I have never had so much encouragement or support."

Theresa Barbero Successful SOLD System Student Mappdom Lead Generation System

Isabel Sanden

Pilates Instructor, Breast Cancer Survivor

"The level of professionalism, knowledge and experience in the "S.O.L.D" video marketing lead-generation program is amazing. Nakimbe is engaging, thoughtful, funny, exuberant. She makes me feel and believe I will and can be a success." Bolder, Colardo 

Happy SOLD System Student Mappdom Organic Lead-Generation System Isabele Sanden

They say

"I have never been so excited to have a professional help me with my YouTube Channel and to start generating leads. Nakimbe is amazing!" 

Sergio Navarro - Financial Advisor/Consultant. (Mexico City, Mexico)

"Thanks for helping me make some amazing videos that led to some amazing appointments that led to amazing sales. Thank you!  Thank you! Thank you! 

Alethia Cadore - Registered Psychotherapist, Toronto ON

"We were struggling without a strategy before we were introduced to the "S.O.L.D" Lead-Gen System, but now we're getting calls and booking regular appointments, so I'm happy.

Tristan Kerr - DQ Construction

The "S.O.L.D" Lead-Generation

Video Marketing Masterclass and Private Personal Mentorship Program

The "S.O.L.D" Lead Generation System  - Strategic Organic Leads on Demand

Introducing the "S.O.L.D" Lead Generation System that gets you Strategic Organic Leads on Demand. In today's super competitive marketplace, it is hard to stand out from the crowd, meaning it's hard to get attention, hard to get leads, hard to get prospects and hard to get clients. But...that's only the case if you don't have a system and a strategic step-by-step structure to follow which allows you to achieve lead-generation success, in the same way the "S.O.L.D" System does.

The Problem Everybody Faces: The problem is - many people take a shallow, scattered, siloed approach to lead-generation, which is why they struggle and fail. Statistics reveal that over 68% of businesses  experience significant challenges when it comes to lead-gen. This is usually because they dabble a little bit here and there on a few different lead-gen channels, never going deep enough or wide enough in any one channel to master it, and really have it produce before moving on to another channel. The result is you never gain any synergy or any marketing momentum. This is why people stay stuck. 

The Perfect Solution Everybody Needs: As long as you have a product to sell or a service to offer, it doesn't matter if you're a beginner novice newbie or a seasoned veteran and expert marketer- the "S.O.L.D" System has something for everyone. That's because it's extremely comprehensive in nature (backed by 25 years' of senior level marketing education, experience, exposure and expertise yet simple enough and easy to understand because it was created for people with zero marketing background. 

Video Marketing 

Masterclass Program Highlights & Benefits

The Done-With-You portion of the "S.O.L.D" System Video Marketing Mastery and Mentorship Program allows you to join a live video call for group coaching and training with me (Nakimbe). Each week we discuss different lead-generation techniques and strategies you can use to get high-quality leads for FREE, that you can apply to your business on the sport (a value of over $25,000)

  • In-depth and Up-to-Date Action Tasks. Our curriculum is more than just theory—it's actionable and fun! We incorporate the latest success strategies, delivered by today's industry experts. This ensures you're always at the cutting edge of video marketing. Plus, you'll learn the lead-generation strategies, tips, tricks, tactics, and techniques to accelerate your progress.
  • Community and Support. You're not on this entrepreneurial journey alone. Our dedicated team supports you every step of the way. Additionally, our weekly training sessions allow you to engage with like-minded peers and top industry experts. By joining our Masterclass, you immerse yourself in a community that values growth, creativity, collaboration, innovation, and more.
  • Meaningful Done-For-You Bonuses The "S.O.L.D" System team gives you the strategy to generate high-quality leads for FREE, anytime, anywhere. But what comes after? How about follow-ups, email autoresponders, professional landing pages, graphic design banners, and thumbnails? And the videos—do you want to create them, or would you prefer we handle it?
  • In the Video Marketing Masterclass and Private Mentorship Program, you'll learn how to manage everything independently. However, if you choose to upgrade, we can take care of it all for you! (See payment plan options below for more details.)The Done-With-You segment of the "S.O.L.D" System Video Marketing Mastery and Mentorship Program offers group coaching and training via live video calls with me, Nakimbe. Each week, we delve into various lead-generation techniques that you can immediately apply to your business—a value of over $25,000!

Discover The Secrets To High-Quality Strategic Organic Lead Generation on Demand. Get Great Leads... for FREE!


Nakimbe and the "S.O.L.D" System are the best! Cindy Sawras, Sudbury ON, Canada

"If I could transfer all of the money I have paid for courses over the past few years to Nakimbe I would. However, I also realize that I wouldn’t have found Nakimbe and the "S.O.L.D" System because those courses and all the money spent, lead me to her, so...we all have our path.

Nakimbe cares in a way that is difficult to find. She wants your success and she has  both the knowledge and tools to deliver. I was ready to give up and I am so happy I didn’t give up!

If you are looking to build your list of correct and valuable contacts in order to build your business through a system that is designed to get that list without paying for ads the "S.O.L.D" System is it.

What I’m trying to say is...You're here. To me that means you have found the program you have been looking for. Save yourself a bunch of time and money and get Nakimbe’s program -  The "S.O.L.D" System!

Cindy Sawras - Bye Bye Money Mess, Financial Consultant and Money Strategist

Leads from Videos [Level # 1]- Understanding, Mastering, Research and Practicing

The first four lessons in the Ultimate Video Marketing Lead-Generation Masterclass provide you with the fundamentals you need to get you up and running, and familiar with video so you understand it's importance, reach, value, income potential, impact, and how it turbo charges your lead-generation and customer, client or patient acquisition.

Leads from Videos [Level #2] - Editing, Formatting, Producing and Posting

Now that you understand the basics of video marketing, it's time to put what you learn into practice with mini-tasks and challenges that get you up and running and generating leads RIGHT AWAY! You'll discover best practices, tips, tricks and success strategies that put your ahead of your competition and position you to generate revenue and increase cash flow ...FAST!

Leads from Videos [Level #3] - Distribution, Syndication, Strategic Campaigns and Planning

Now that you understand the impact of video marketing, and you've made some videos using best practices, it's time to get your videos out there and into the world so you can test. The best news is, you won't just be testing and hosting your videos on your YouTube channel or social media platforms, but on other's people's platform as well, so your videos will be on multiple platforms in multiple places, being seen by multiple groups of people so you generate multiple streams of leads, all for FREE! It's all about virality, becoming known and being seen.

The S.O.L.D SYSTEM: Strategic Organic Leads On Demand

"Ultimate Video Marketing Lead-Generation Mastery Program" includes a Weekly Done-With You Masterclass, Personalized Coaching and 12 Power-Packed Lead-Gen Bonuses!

Join Thousands Of Others Who Have Successfully Unlocked The Key Video Mastery To Drive Free, High-Quality Leads Without Spending A Huge Fortune on Advertising Ever!






Leads Generated 

Getting Better at Getting Leads!!

"They go over everything and explain things in a manner that a complete novice is able to follow. I am so excited and look forward to next steps!!" 

 Shawn Kelly

(Affiliate Marketer)


The "S.O.L.D" System Gets Me More Sales. Yay!

"We have never gotten so many leads or done so well. Even during the pandemic we got over 256% increase in followers and sales! Very impressed."

- LaTino Bellismo

(Barbershop Owner)


Love the Weekly "Done-With-You" Masterclasses

"I joined "S.O.L.D" Video for the professionalism and the strategies. I stay for the community and ideas, plus support. It's not just a course. They've created a community."

- Pierra Causi

(Etsy Store Owner)


Targeting and Strategy Rolled Into One System

"Using the 'S.O.L.D' System to get leads was critical for us to have a more targeted marketing strategy. Thank you so much, Team Mappdom." 

- Andrea Wilson

(Life  Coach for Women)


Highest Level Integrity and Professionalism Possible

"Nakimbe's integrity is a quality that I value immensely.  I truly appreciate our relationship and the work we do together in "S.O.L.D."

- Anne Gray

(Social Media Strategist)


Double Digital Growth In Our First 60 Days

"The 'S.O.L.D' Video Marketing Masterclass dives deep into easy marketing strategies that produce real results. We have grown our IG by 24.8% within the first 60 days. Thank you!"

- Ryan Knight

(Co-Executive Director, ACBN)


With "S.O.L.D" -  It's Not Just About The Sale. It's truly About YOUR Success! 

"The S.O.L.D. System Team really care about your company and marketing success. They have a hands on approach and step-by-step strategy to make your lead generation successful and simple!" 

 - Heather Gibson

(HR Specialist and Virtual Assistant Agency Owner)


A program That Delivers on It's Promise!

"The S.O.L.D System team helped me nail down my marketing strategy and provided the tools I needed to implement the strategy and target the right audience with the right message that they can connect with."

- Kara Morgan


I Used To Be Nervous About Making Videos, But Then I Got SOLD on "S.O.L.D" 

"Thanks to this program, I'm getting closer to my goal of doing more videos with impact. The reels on YouTube act as accountability markers when I'm less motivated & need that extra support to refocus and complete a short video! Thank you so much!"

 - CA Consultants

(Psychotherapy and Professional Counseling)

Gif of So are you ready to get started with mappdom's Lead gen SOLD system?

Pricing Plans



"S.O.L.D"  Comprehensive Lead-Generation Video Marketing Mastery Program

Self-paced, learn on your own. Go through the materials. Implement the strategies, generate leads, experience success. Grow Your Business. 

Does NOT include The 12 Lead-Generation Done-For-You Bonuses.  14 day no hassle, money-back, satisfaction guaranteed, no questions asked refund period.



The Ultimate Lead-Generation Video Marketing Mastery Program includes - Weekly Live Masterclasses,  Mentorship, Feedback, Strategy and Support. Bonuses delivered after our 14 day no hassle, money-back, satisfaction guaranteed, no questions asked refund period.

  • Includes 12 Strategic Lead-Generation Bonuses
  • 30 Done-For-You Videos
  • 52 Weekly Live Group Coaching Masterclasses
  • Recordings of Masterclasses
  • 3 - 1:1 Strategic Marketing Calls



Super Platinum Plus Lead-Generation Video Marketing Mastery  Program (Includes $997 with Done-for-you Solution PLUS in-depth TikTok, YouTube, YouTube Short & Ai Reviews & Modules (Winner's Choice). Bonuses delivered after our 614 day no hassle, money-back, satisfaction guaranteed, no questions asked refund period.

  • Discover the Secrets to TikTok Domination
  • Expand Your Reach with Instagram/Meta Reels
  • Find Success with YouTube Shorts
  • Save time, money, headaches and hassle.  Be more efficient. Collect more leads and embrace the evolution. Discover and embrace the power of AI.


3 Pay Option

"S.O.L.D"  Comprehensive Lead-Generation Video Marketing Mastery Program

Self-paced option. Learn on your own. Go through the materials. Implement the strategies. Generate leads. Experience success. Grow Your Business. You always find a way. (Warrior's Choice)

NOTE: Does NOT include the 12 Lead-Generation Done-For-You Bonuses.  60 day satisfaction guarantee hassle-free refund period. 


3 Pay Option

The Ultimate Lead-Generation Video Marketing Mastery Program DFY Option comes with 12 FREE Lead-Gen Bonuses and includes access to weekly live group coaching, masterclasses and trainings, private  mentorship, personal feedback, customized strategy and ongoing support.

  • Includes 12 Strategic Lead-Generation Bonuses
  • 30 Customized Short Form Videos 
  • 52 Weekly Live Group Coaching Masterclasses
  • Recordings of Masterclasses
  • 3 - 1:1 Strategic Marketing Calls



4 Pay Option

 Super Platinum Plus Lead-Generation Video Marketing Mastery  Program (Includes everything in the $997 Done-for-you Solution PLUS additionally takes an in-depth look at TikTok, YouTube, YouTube Shorts, Adopting Artificial Intelligence in Marketing, Reels and more with guest appearances by leading experts. (Winner's Choice)

  • Discover Insider  Tricks to Dominate Tik Tok
  • Expand Your Reach with Instagram Reels
  • Find Growth and Success with YouTube Shorts
  • Accelerate Your Independence With Video  Artificial Intelligence 

 - frequently Asked Questions - 

  • the course

  • Time & Money Investment

  • Content & Application

How can I trust this online course provider?

We pride ourselves on our transparency, accreditations, and real-life testimonials from past students. We encourage you to review our credentials, reach out to our past students, and ask any questions you might have to build confidence in our platform.

What kind of support or guidance is available from the course provider?

Our team is committed to ensuring every student's success. We offer weekly live coaching  and personalized guidance throughout the program. We believe in handholding our students to help them achieve their desired outcomes.

How does this course ensure practical application of the material?

We believe in learning through doing. Throughout the course, you'll find interactive assignments, real-world scenarios, and hands-on projects. By the end, you'll have practical experience that's directly applicable in real-world situations.

Marketing Genius and Strategic Engineer - Nakimbe B'aobab


I'm  Nakimbe B'aobab-Brown, MBA, PMP

Hello and welcome. I'm so happy to have you here. Before you read more about me, I'd like to share a story that might help explain my motivation to share the 'S.O.L.D" lead-generation System with you, and why I think you should sign-up to it, right away.

When I was a young girl I'd see my dad come home from work everyday hating his job, hating his commute, complaining about his bills, constantly worrying about and consistently budgeting his money. The message to me was that having jobs, and having bosses sucked. I needed independence and freedom. I needed to be happy. So, I worked hard in school, got good grades and got the highest-paying, respectable leadership jobs, but in my heart - I wanted to be an entrepreneur. I was an entrepreneur, not cut out to be an employee. 

As a Chief Marketing Officer with Masters Degree specializing in Marketing, Innovation and Entrepreneurship - with over 25 years' senior level experience in both the private and public sector, and having many inexperienced entrepreneurial friends, I saw where the gaps to their success lay. My friends needed to generate leads to get customers but had no systems, structure, strategy, cash or experience to do so.

So, to solve this problem, I created the "S.O.L.D" Lead-Generation System - a simple, strategic, structured, step-by-step system that helps you get high-quality leads for free and helps entrepreneurs finally find true success, and live the life they dream of.  

The best news is... the "S.O.L.D" System really works! It's worked for thousands, and I sincerely hope you join on us this journey and allow the "S.O.L.D" System to work for you, too! Video marketing is just the first step in the SOLD Lead-Generation System. There are 12 Channels in total.

We're so happy to have you and to help you. Congratulations on taking this first important step. SIGN-UP for the SOLD System Video Marketing Masterclass and Private Mentorship Program NOW and I'll see you on the inside. Xoxo. Talk soon!!

With Warm Regards, Sincerely...

Nakimbe B'aobab-Brown 

BA (Hons), MBA, PMP. TEDx Speaker and Industry Award-Winner. Founder and CEO of Mappdom International Digital Marketing, AI, Mobile Apps and More. Creator of the "S.O.L.D" Organic Lead-Generation System. Writer, Publisher, Author, Speaker, Teacher.

Grow Your Business and Get High-Quality Leads for FREE! Join Thousands of Business Owners and Entrepreneurs!!

Get multiple streams of income from multiple streams of leads. Don't struggle to get leads. Learn to SUCCEED with strategy! Enroll in the world's #1 award-winning Strategic Organic Leads on Demand - "S.O.L.D" Lead-Generation System. Get the Ultimate Video Marketing Masterclass and Private Mentorship Program and begin your success journey, today! 

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