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68% of business owners struggle with lead-generation. But... it doesn't have to be this way. 

Listen, You Don't Have To Suffer And Struggle To Get Customers And Leads Online. You Just Need A Little Structure. The Newly Released "S.O.L.D" System [S.O.L.D] - Strategic Organic Leads On Demand - Is An Award-Winning, Corporate-Based Organic Lead Generation System That Gets You FREE Traffic And Leads On Autopilot And Increases Your Business By 100-500% In As Little As 100 Days! (Without Spending A Dime On Advertising. EVER!).  Many people mistakenly think organic lead-generation is slow, hard to measure, not scaleable and hard to track. That's only true if you're NOT using The "S.O.L.D" System to create the synergy and momentum you need to deliver leads from multiple streams, for FREE!

The 12 strategic places to get a steady stream of high quality, interested and engaged quality leads for FREE!

Discover the secret sauce behind true lead generation success based in "lead synergy and momentum" that gets you growing fast.

Learn the top 7 deadly mistakes 99% of business owners make and how to avoid them so they stop killing your lead gen efforts.

Uncover my #1 viral marketing hack that gets you up and running quickly, and syndicated everywhere so you can get an avalanche of leads.

Case studies and testimonials from successful businesses that have used the "SO.L.D" Lead Generation System to make millions.

How you qualify to receive over $33,563 in FREE lead generation bonuses to get your "lead-gen journey" off to an even faster start. 

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Nakimbe B'aobab-Brown

Nakimbe B'aobab holds a Master of Business Administration from Northeastern University and is a TEDx speaker, strategic digital marketer, and multi-time academic and industry award-winner who has helped organizations from non-profits to Fortune 100 companies make six, seven, eight, nine figures and more.

Nakimbe's ultimate goal is for small business owners and entrepreneurs to experience similar success (if even on a tight budget) by leveraging The "S.O.L.D" Lead-Generation System to deliver a steady stream of high-quality, FREE traffic and leads from 12 strategic channels. By mastering one strategy before moving on to the next, business owners are able gain enough lead-synergy and momentum moving through these strategic power-channels to create enough revenue and profit so they can successfully and strategically scale through paid ads.

Nakimbe Baobab

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