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Hi there!

Welcome to your first Digital Marketing Master Class!

Today, we’ll be talking about VIDEO MARKETING – Yay!

I am so super excited for you be here.

In this module, we’ll be focusing on Video Marketing, and our first week will be a comprehensive introduction to all things related to Video Marketing. We have a lot of great information to cover, so let’s get started!

Week One: Video Basics & Introduction

So, the reason I start you off with Video Marketing is because it is the fastest, most effective, and least expensive marketing strategy for small business entrepreneurs on a tight budget. That makes video marketing a very powerful triple hitter you can’t afford to ignore when it comes to marketing your business! It’s a really great way to showcase your business whether you’re a novice or expert. Luckily, you can start off slowly until you’re ready to branch out into more sophisticated video marketing.

Video Marketing also allows you to test to see what content most popular, and what types of content you should reproduce or syndicate later on.  You’ll be able to know in advance, without guessing, and wasting time, effort or money, what types of videos gets the most comments, views, engagement, comments etc.

That way, when you look at your analytics, and you’re creating a real marketing campaign (not like the testing we’re going to start off doing), you’ll be able to concentrate on those areas where you already know you’re going to succeed.

This is one reason to start off with video marketing early on in your business (I’d focus on video marketing first rather than social media marketing, which is why the course is laid out the way it is, and I’ll tell you why later. Additionally, video marketing is quick, easy and free, and once you start making money from your organic leads through your various video marketing channels, you can place VIDEO ADS that you already know are going to be winners, so you scale, grow, expand your business using professional, corporate level precision and get delightfully surprising results.

The goal really is to make enough money through organic channels, that you build up to the money you need to invest in paid ads and professional – OTHERWISE YOU STAY STUCK. STYA ON THE TREADMINLL. FAKING IT HOPING YOU’LL MAKE. 

 However, unlike many sad, sorry entrepreneurs, you won’t be wasting your time or your money, because you will have tested everything first. That’s why The Mappdom course was developed the way it was, to guide you through the easiest, quickest most effective channels that bring you the business fast, so make money and grow. Simple. We know small businesses don’t have a lot of money, so implementing these vital tactics will really help.

So... be patient with yourself, and LET’S GO! 

Are you excited to get started?

It’s going to be easy and fun, so don’t worry about it.

Let’s Go!


Video marketing is making use of videos to promote and market your product or service to increase engagement on your digital and social channels. These videos serve multiple functions - educating and entertaining your consumers and reaching your audience with a new medium.

  • 87% of online marketers use video content in their digital marketing strategies.

Video marketing has certainly transformed how businesses market and consumers buy; it also revolutionized how businesses and brands connect and convert their potential leads.


Videos have made a mark and revolutionized digital marketing for every business and brand. Just having a video on your landing page can initially increase your conversion rates by over 80%, and just mentioning the word “video” on your email subject line can increase open rates by 19%.

Lastly, 90% of customers say that videos help them with their buying decisions.

That’s amazing, and super important to know, don’t ya think? Here’s some other good stuff to know…

According to a survey by Wyzowl

76% of the businesses which use video marketing believe that it results in a good ROI.

93% of businesses believe that it increases user understanding of their product or service.

And 72% of businesses believe that it has improved the conversion rate of their website.

Video Marketing Statistics

This course is designed to get you the basic concepts you need to know to apply to your business. It is not an in-depth video marketing course. It is important to us, however, that you understand the reasons we advise you to do the things we advise you to do. That’s why I’ve provided you with the option to read more about video marketing. So, if you’re super interested in this area, go ahead and click here to

 read a few of these articles.

For those in the ELITE PROGRAM

Please take notes so you can make a me a quick video about what you learned and why video marketing is so important.  Don't like to read? Here are some great videos:








Now that you have familiarized yourself with the basics of video marketing, let’s delve in a little deeper into the world of video marketing - best practices and how you can implement them for your brand or business.


Video as a medium evolves at such a fast rate, which is why keeping up to date on the latest trends is so important. The biggest key to successful video marketing is seamlessly incorporating the best practices we teach with the trends that are sure to get your video content noticed!


  1. Always start with your goal in mind
  2. Determine who the video is for, what you want to accomplish and why, and how you will do it
  3. Decide where your audience hangs out digitally, and create videos to match that platform
  4. Offer value first and convey a clear, concise, targeted customer-focused message
  5. Be yourself. Be natural and authentic and showcase personality
  6. Practice, practice, practice and don’t worry about getting it right. You WILL get better
  7. Make sure length, dimensions, captions videos to match the social platforms where you’ll have them
  8. Tell stories that are authentic, compelling, and entertaining
  9. Showcase staff, successes, news, products and services, a day in the life or a historical view of your company
  10. Incorporate customer-generated content and showcase happy client and customers
  11. Include tutorials and demos, day in the life or over the should experience
  12. Get video testimonials in all formats (video, audio, text) so you can leverage in many ways
  13. Optimize videos with SEO content
  14. Remember that you have about five seconds
  15. Close with your call to action
  16. Create different videos with different video lengths, or slice them up
  17. Create a posting schedule
  18. Match video length to the platform and your goals
  19. Link them to a landing page to collect leads
  20. Be sure to include captions and make sure it passes the silent movie test




We touched on a few different videos you can make for your business, but how do you know which ones are best for your business? In Week 2, we’ll help you discover than answer, and trust me… you’ll never look at video content the same way again!



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