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Mappdom’s “S.O.L.D” System Video Marketing Mastery Lead-Gen Accelerator Program is a self-directed home study program that allows you to strategize and execute video marketing the way large corporations do. This Master Program includes everything from video basics and research to getting your videos viral and setting up a deployment schedule or using AI. Video marketing is everything. You don’t want to miss out. More importantly, you don’t want to miss out on the steps and nuances that can make your videos a success. Our CEO took Mappdom from 47 subscribers to 15k in just over 12 months! In this Master Program, we’ll show you how to do it, too!

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10 Modules

Video Marketing Master Program

Introduction to Video Marketing Mastery Lead Gen Accelerator Program

1. 💰 An Introduction to the Power of Video Marketing 1 Lesson

Welcome to Video Marketing

Discover the Power of Video Marketing: With over 85% of internet users watching video content monthly, its ability to positively impact and grow your business undeniable. Not to menton over 85% of professional marketers use video to generate leads. Find out how, why and how you can benefit, too!

2. 🚀 Different Types of Videos You Can Create/Produce 1 Lesson

Different types of Videos

Don't be confused or over whelmed trying to decide what kind of video content to create or get too caught up on not wanting to be in front of the camera. There are lots of ways to implement video into your marketing. Don't be limited.

3. 🎯 The Importance of Keyword Research 1 Lesson

The Importance of Keyword Research

SEO matters whether on YouTube, Instagram/Meta, or TikTok. Your video's content, captions, and titles signal algorithms who to show it to. Ensure your keywords are right to be found, save time, and money. Explore keyword research to attract interested prospects effortlessly. Let's get started

4. 📞 Professional Videos Right From Your Phone 1 Lesson

Native Editing Tools Right On Your Phone (+Practice)

Discover video editing tools right on your phone! No need to hire expensive marketing companies or videographers or editors. Fool around with the features on your phone and become a marketing pro right from the comfort of your mobile.

5. ⭕ Top Video Editing Apps To Download For Great Videos (+Practice) 1 Lesson

Top Video Editing Apps To Download on Your Phone

You don't have to hire a professional to get a professional look for your videos, and you don't have to spend a lot of time learning or money on video editores. You just need to get a few basic apps and start clicking. In this lesson, we download, explore and produce!

6. 👉🏼 Best Practices, Content and Video Scripts (from hooks to CTAs) 1 Lesson

Best Practices For Video Creation (from hooks to CTAs)

"Discover the secrets of effective video creation. From crafting compelling hooks and calls to action to keeping your audience engaged throughout, learn how to optimize your videos for maximum impact. Explore essential stats like watch time to craft content that resonates and drives action across platforms.

7. 📶 Optimizing Your Videos for Search Engines (Rank and Scale) 1 Lesson

Optimizing Your Videos for Search Engines (Rank and Scale)

In this module, Optimizing Your Videos for Search Engines, unlock the strategies to boost your video's visibility. Learn how to tailor your content to rank higher in search results, harnessing keywords, metadata, and engagement metrics effectively. Master the art of crafting videos that not only captivate but also thrive in the competitive world of online search.

8. 🌎 Editing Your Videos To Go Viral 1 Lesson

Editing Videos To Go Viral

Its not enough to just make videos. You need to make videos people like, videos the algorithms will and in styles that will captivate your audience's attention. This includes things using sounds and brightness, jump cuts and loops.

9. 👀 Video Syndication. Be Seen In More Places 1 Lesson

10. 📆 Setting Up Your Video Marketing Calendar and Schedule Strategically 1 Lesson

Setting Up Your Video Marketing Calendar and Schedule Strategically

"Master the art of strategic video scheduling with Setting Up Your Video Marketing Calendar module. Learn how to plan and organize your video content for maximum impact and engagement. Discover techniques to align your video releases with your audience's interests and behavior.

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